All the answers to the most common questions about Calamanbrù
In order to protect the peace and well-being of each individual guest, we have provided some information that is compatible with the normal rules of civilization and with the Ordinances of the Port Authority.
Cala Manbrù has a private parking, at the time of booking, the car reservation must be indicated. For parking there is a supplement of € 5 per day.
Accessing Cala Manbrù is quite simple, you can book directly online, you will find the best rates for sunbeds, umbrellas, parking and pay for everything online. Or contact our reception by phone. The accommodation on the beach is taken care of exclusively by our staff. The opening of the beach is scheduled from 9:00, closing at 19:00.
No, it is not possible to introduce food, food and any drink. Cala Manbrù offers variety of food and drinks.
Cala Manbrù is also a restaurant and bar, you can access it without any restrictions.
At Cala Manbrù we are not too formal but the restaurant has a minimum dress code: it is forbidden to enter the restaurant with a bare chest.
Can I take my dog ​​to the beach? Even if it's small? Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the beach.
Cold water showers cost € 1.00 per 1 minute, hot showers cost € 1.00 per 1 minute.
No, both in order to respect the tranquillity of the other guests and by virtue of a precise ordinance of the Sicily Region.
The music at Cala Manbrù is that of the sea. You cannot play music with a smartphone or other amplifiers, but no one forbids you to listen to music with your earphones. Wait for the sunset and the music ...
No, the lido is already fully equipped and only the facilities of Cala Manbrù can be used.
Cala Manbrù regulates its rules in compliance with the current Balneare Ordinance of the Sicily Region.

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