A stone's throw from the nature reserve

An uncontaminated coast extends between the small village of Siculiana Marina and Eraclea Minoa, the Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa, 11 km of explorable coastline.

The sea is very clear, the seabed is lush with flora and rich in fauna. The Torre Salsa, an ancient watchtower, is located in the heart of this oasis and dominates the top of a small clay promontory.
In the village of Siculiana Marina
Instagram ready sunset
Surrounded by nature

Beach Club

The location is one that is defined as “unique”, both for the naturalistic context of Torre Salsa and for the strategic position at the end of the seafront of Siculiana Marina, a place already visited by many tourists and locals who have chosen its coast as destination for relaxation.
A quality beach reception project is the idea behind a great project. There are hundreds of seats and deckchairs, served by 3 bars, a restaurant in constant search of local flavours and the many services available to guests.




200 SEAT




Restaurant & Bar

Tradition, elegance, passion. The scent of the sea enhances and intensifies the flavours, making them unique. All the products, coming from our magnificent island, are transformed into dishes of distinction by the expert hands of our Chef. From traditional Sicilian menus, which you can enjoy at our restaurant, to our Tapas, specialties that you can savor in a smaller format, suitable for tasting wines and cocktails.
From focaccia, sandwiches, salads and a selection of Sicilian excellence, you will find the answer to all your requests. It is possible to organize your events, your anniversaries surrounded by the beauties of our sea and our territory, all year round.

News & Events

There are many activities to practice thanks to our team who will welcome you and guide you through the various outdoor disciplines. We have a wide range of water sports equipment and partnerships with the most interesting local realities.
Also, don’t miss our schedule of sunset and evening events. The next djset and live, already bookable online.